Go Ahead

Your next move does not have to be perfect. Just go ahead and make it.

The situation is what it is. Go ahead, accept it, and you can find good ways to work with it.

You may not feel particularly inspired, creative, effective or energetic at the moment. Go ahead anyway, and give your best effort.

Regardless of what has or has not happened, you can go ahead and make progress today. Instead of wondering what could have been, or making judgments about what is, go ahead and make a positive difference in your world.

Go ahead, even if you don’t feel like it, especially if you don’t feel like it. Now is the time you have, now is the moment to utilize, and you’ll soon thank yourself for doing so.

Step over the doubts, the excuses, the hesitation, and step into action. Go ahead, and give the best you can to this amazing life you’re living.



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