Envision a Positive Future

Envision a bright, shining, positive future. Then let that bright future pull you toward it through your attitude and your efforts.

Your future is not an automatic extrapolation of the present. It is built from whatever you choose to create.

It’s easy to claim the world is in a mess and to give up on making things any better. Yet the future has not happened yet, and positive energy you exert in the present directly influences the way your future unfolds.

Envision a positive future, then live each present moment with that vision as your guide. Put the power of your intention to work by giving it a solid, desirable, consistent direction.

Setbacks, challenges, and disappointments are sure to come. Each time they do, recommit yourself to your positive vision, and emerge stronger than ever.

Envision a positive future. And enjoy living your life to make that future real.



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