Challenge yourself

You’ve done many good things. Challenge yourself to do more.
You’re strong, capable, smart, resourceful. Challenge yourself to push your capabilities beyond their previous limits.

There’s nothing more enriching than a meaningful challenge, and the commitment to work through it. Give that special richness to yourself.

Don’t settle for the assumption that the best of life is behind you. Challenge yourself to look forward with the highest expectations ever.

Don’t allow yourself to hide behind excuses. Re-imagine those excuses, transforming them into reasons for moving forward.

Challenge yourself to exceed yourself, to be better than you’ve ever been. You’ll quickly thank yourself for having the fortitude to follow through on it.


Feel Great

The news is troubling, the weather is unpleasant, people are rude and uncooperative. Even so, especially so, feel great about today.

Feel great that you can be a beacon of hope, of encouragement, of competence, to a world that badly needs it. Feel great about the opportunity you have to make a positive difference.

Feel great that the value of your life does not depend on random circumstance. Feel great because you can decide to do so.

Feel great about what you can get done, right now. Feel great as you experience yourself doing it.

Feel great, and do all you can to make your great feeling highly contagious. Feel great, and be pleasantly surprised at how many other positive people you encounter.

Feel great, and let the positive energy flow into every action you take. Feel great, and discover how much your positive feeling can improve the world around you.


Cheerful about it

When you don’t get your way, be cheerful about it. There’s no good reason to be any other way.

Being angry, spiteful, resentful, despondent, destroys your effectiveness and repels other people. That’s not going to accomplish anything good.

You can’t change the past by being angry about it. What you can do is dramatically improve the present and the future by being cheerful.

Be cheerful and you do better work, attract positive people, improve your relationships and interactions. Be cheerful, and see opportunities that you’d otherwise never notice.

Be cheerful, and escape being sizzled by stress and paralyzed by anxiety. Be cheerful, and reap all the benefits of truly enjoying the moment you’re in.

Yes, by all means be realistic. At the same time, be cheerful, and position yourself to make the very best of reality.


Joyful purpose

Discard the doubts. Focus on the work.

Ignore the distractions. Glide right on past the interruptions.

You have good, meaningful, significant work to do. Don’t let shallow, trivial things get in your way.

Expel all the negativity, worries, excuses from your awareness. Breathe in fresh new energy, enthusiasm, vision, and put it all to use.

Feel the joy, the rightness of making good things happen. Remind yourself how silly it is to let anything get you down.

Look forward, and see all the great value there is to create. With joyful purpose, keep bringing that value to life.


Reality of the Day

You don’t have to like what happens in order to make good use of it. You do, however, have to accept it.

You don’t have to like the way things are. Yet to be successful you must deal with the way things are.

Thinking about what should be and what should not be is a powerful way to formulate goals. But don’t use that thinking to come up with excuses and resentments.

You cannot be effective trying to deal with the world as you wish it would be. You must operate in the world that is, as it is.

Aim high, seek to make a positive difference, go forward with the best of expectations. Yes, you absolutely can change things, and to do so you must start with the way things actually are.

See real, get real, be real, accept the reality of the day. Then you can do the work to effectively push reality in the direction you choose.


Envision a Positive Future

Envision a bright, shining, positive future. Then let that bright future pull you toward it through your attitude and your efforts.

Your future is not an automatic extrapolation of the present. It is built from whatever you choose to create.

It’s easy to claim the world is in a mess and to give up on making things any better. Yet the future has not happened yet, and positive energy you exert in the present directly influences the way your future unfolds.

Envision a positive future, then live each present moment with that vision as your guide. Put the power of your intention to work by giving it a solid, desirable, consistent direction.

Setbacks, challenges, and disappointments are sure to come. Each time they do, recommit yourself to your positive vision, and emerge stronger than ever.

Envision a positive future. And enjoy living your life to make that future real.


Opportunity in Misfortune

Something negative, disruptive, disappointing has happened in your life. Use it to your advantage.

Opportunity comes dressed in many forms. Great opportunity often comes dressed as misfortune.

Don’t waste that opportunity mired in feeling sorry for yourself. Jump into it with all you have, and discover how strong, resilient, capable, effective you can be.

When things look hopeless is when positive, aggressive action makes the biggest difference. Instead of shrinking from the moment, seize it and run with it.

Decide to redirect the energy of whatever is pushing against you. Take it and make it propel you ahead.

Embrace the situation, knowing you can make it work for you. Success is there, ready for you to step boldly forward and claim it.