Free of worry

You’ll never run out of things to worry about. However, you can walk away, whenever you choose, from the need to worry.

To stop worrying, you don’t have to stop caring. You just have to make sure your caring doesn’t immobilize you.

When you feel worry coming on, ask yourself this. What step can you take to replace useless worry with useful action?

Life is full of potential pitfalls. But worry is never an effective response to that situation.

Rather than worry, what you can do is learn, prepare, strengthen. Work to position yourself where you can successfully deal with whatever challenges arise.

Focus your care, your concerns, your energy into action. Choose to live free of worry and full of achievement.



Quantity is easy. Quality is better.

Transactions are efficient. Relationships are better.

Free is popular, enticing. Challenge, effort, paying the price, are better.

Fleeting fame is widely celebrated. Quiet, lasting achievement is better.

Being coddled is effortless. Freedom and responsibility, with all the work and messy situations they entail, are better.

The meme of the hour is trendy. Thinking, choosing for yourself, living with intention is much better.

What already is

Desire what already is. Love, be thankful for, enjoy, find fulfillment, meaning, peace and hope in what already is.

Do not cheat yourself out of life by delaying your living of it until some idealized future. Now is when you are, when everything is, when the reality of life is.

Right now you can laugh, cry, learn, work, fall down, get up, and laugh some more. Right now you can bring to life your highest hopes, strongest values, and most treasured dreams.

Yes, by all means imagine where you can go. And extend that imagining all the way to now, when you can actually do something positive about it.

You have arrived. Here is the real world, your real, miraculous life, filled with every possibility.

What already is, is infinite abundance in every direction. Embrace it, benefit from it, do great things with it, now.

Inspired by action

The work is not easy. But that is no reason to avoid it.

You’re not clear about what to do. But that is no excuse to do nothing.

What you must do is get started. What you must be is committed to seeing it through.

Begin the task, take the first step, and your effort will illuminate the next step. Stay with it, keep going, and your purpose and passion grow strong.

If you wait for inspiration, and do nothing, the inspiration has no place to take hold. Instead, get busy, and with each effort your work becomes more inspired.

Invest yourself, commit your time, your action, your focus to the progress you desire. Go ahead, do, and you’ll be inspired to do much more.

Value in every experience

You are always experiencing something, so fill all those experiences with value. Make it your intention to bring quality and enrichment to every experience.

The nature of the experience matters not so much. What you put into the experience, that’s far more important.

You don’t have to wait or hope or strive for conditions to be a certain way. You can make anything you do into a worthwhile, fulfilling experience.

Don’t waste the experience fighting against external factors with anger, resentment or frustration. Instead, visualize yourself emerging with a stronger, more positive purpose, with peaceful inspiration, wisdom, and new energy.

Every experience is filled with opportunities to make life richer. Embrace those opportunities, allow that new richness to grow from your attitude and your actions.

Recognize the great value in this experience, and the next, and the next. Give your best, whatever the situation may be, and add that value to the experience of your life.

Enthusiasm gets results

Your level of success depends on your level of enthusiasm. But your level of enthusiasm does not necessarily depend on your level of success.

Even when the results are not what you wanted, choose to go forward with enthusiasm. Because that will empower you to create the results you do want.

Enthusiasm pushes you to continue failing long enough to arrive at success. Enthusiasm expresses your belief in what you’re doing in a way that’s compelling and contagious.

When you’re cynical and dejected, even the best strategies, tools, resources won’t work very well. Yet when you’re enthusiastic, you’ll find plenty of ways to get the very best out of whatever you have to work with.

With enthusiasm, you see opportunities that would otherwise be invisible. With enthusiasm, you attract other enthusiastic, effective people to support your cause.

Even when the situation offers no reason to be enthusiastic, there’s a great reason to be enthusiastic. Because enthusiasm gets results.

Quick recovery

Disappointment hurts, yet with enough time you can get over it, and get back to a more positive frame of mind. But do you really need all that time to make a recovery?

Interruptions and distractions shatter your focus, and yet you can eventually regain that focus. What if you could shorten eventually to immediately?

It’s a fact of life that you’re going to be disappointed, interrupted, frustrated, and nudged into negativity. Fortunately, you never have to stay there long.

You cannot reasonably expect to never get knocked down. Yet you can always choose to make a quick recovery.

Decide that you won’t give the negative things time to establish momentum. The moment you know you’ve gotten off track, give power to the intention of re-establishing your positive focus.

Instead of getting upset over what went wrong, use all your energy to get quickly back to what you were doing. Make it your intention, and you’ll find yourself making it happen.