Value in every experience

You are always experiencing something, so fill all those experiences with value. Make it your intention to bring quality and enrichment to every experience.

The nature of the experience matters not so much. What you put into the experience, that’s far more important.

You don’t have to wait or hope or strive for conditions to be a certain way. You can make anything you do into a worthwhile, fulfilling experience.

Don’t waste the experience fighting against external factors with anger, resentment or frustration. Instead, visualize yourself emerging with a stronger, more positive purpose, with peaceful inspiration, wisdom, and new energy.

Every experience is filled with opportunities to make life richer. Embrace those opportunities, allow that new richness to grow from your attitude and your actions.

Recognize the great value in this experience, and the next, and the next. Give your best, whatever the situation may be, and add that value to the experience of your life.


Enthusiasm gets results

Your level of success depends on your level of enthusiasm. But your level of enthusiasm does not necessarily depend on your level of success.

Even when the results are not what you wanted, choose to go forward with enthusiasm. Because that will empower you to create the results you do want.

Enthusiasm pushes you to continue failing long enough to arrive at success. Enthusiasm expresses your belief in what you’re doing in a way that’s compelling and contagious.

When you’re cynical and dejected, even the best strategies, tools, resources won’t work very well. Yet when you’re enthusiastic, you’ll find plenty of ways to get the very best out of whatever you have to work with.

With enthusiasm, you see opportunities that would otherwise be invisible. With enthusiasm, you attract other enthusiastic, effective people to support your cause.

Even when the situation offers no reason to be enthusiastic, there’s a great reason to be enthusiastic. Because enthusiasm gets results.

Quick recovery

Disappointment hurts, yet with enough time you can get over it, and get back to a more positive frame of mind. But do you really need all that time to make a recovery?

Interruptions and distractions shatter your focus, and yet you can eventually regain that focus. What if you could shorten eventually to immediately?

It’s a fact of life that you’re going to be disappointed, interrupted, frustrated, and nudged into negativity. Fortunately, you never have to stay there long.

You cannot reasonably expect to never get knocked down. Yet you can always choose to make a quick recovery.

Decide that you won’t give the negative things time to establish momentum. The moment you know you’ve gotten off track, give power to the intention of re-establishing your positive focus.

Instead of getting upset over what went wrong, use all your energy to get quickly back to what you were doing. Make it your intention, and you’ll find yourself making it happen.

Change and endure

Seek change, embrace change, encourage change. At the same time be wary of change, careful about how you make it.

Change exists at the heart of life, forming the very definition of life. Yet there is more to life than mere change.

Life has meaning, beauty, worth because it can transcend change. There is an essential, treasured part of you that is the same as it ever was, and will always be.

Life changes and at the same time, endures. As such, in that glorious contradiction, there is nothing else like it.

Seize opportunities to change, to grow, improve, move forward. At the same time, refuse to compromise those fundamental, enabling values on which your life is built.

Change, but not just for the sake of change. Change in order to better express the meaning, the purpose, the essence that is always you.

Now you are free

If a thought is not serving you well, release it. Give yourself permission to let it go.

Is there a thought that has you stuck in fear and worry, that’s keeping you awake, blocking you from positive action? You no longer have to hold on to it.

You can stop fighting the thought. You can stop providing it a place to exist, stop giving it a reason to be.

You have the power right now to let that thought dissolve into nothing. Choose to clear it from your head, from your life, never welcome to return.

Breathe in the fresh air of a fresh beginning. Feel the power of peace as it expands into your entire awareness.

Now you are free to think higher thoughts with a clear mind, with positive purpose. Now you are free to live your best life.


The way to truly feel good is to do what truly is good. Giving feels so good because it is so good for everyone involved.

Good things we associate with modern life came into being because people found a way to make a positive difference in the lives of other people. To the extent we give, we thrive.

Give, not because it is an obligation, or because you’ve been guilted or shamed into doing so. Give because it is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Giving expands your influence and your significance. And it does so in a way that is beneficial for you as well as for those people your giving touches.

Give, and there is no doubt that you matter, that your life has meaning, purpose. Indulge yourself again and again in the great feeling of making a positive impact in your world.

Let generosity infuse your every action, thought, choice, encounter. And relish the experience of a life that increasingly improves because of what you give.

Where the joy is

Where is the joy in your life? It is wherever and whenever you choose to accept it and to live it.

You cannot get joy by taking it away from others, for it disappears as soon as you try to possess it. Nor can you experience joy by burdening it with all sorts of conditions and limitations.

The joy you seek is closer than you think. How many times have you looked right past it, straining to see it in the distance when it is already upon you?

Joy is not found by arriving at its locale. Joy is experienced by allowing it into the moments you live.

If you fear losing joy you will never really know it. Let go of the need to hold it, of the need to contain it, and you’ll truly experience the immensity of joy.

Think not of where joy begins and where it can end, for all that will do is keep it away. The joy of life is yours to know, so simply let it be.