Choose Strength

What is inside you is completely yours to choose. Choose strength, endurance, kindness, love.

Though you can make great, intelligent, informed effort, sometimes that effort fails. Though you can give your absolute best, sometimes forces beyond your control render your actions useless.

Yet even when disappointment is piled on top of disappointment, you can face forward with hope and the highest expectations. When life utterly fails to reward, you can reward yourself with new strength, with fresh resolve to keep going.

You have your life, you have your choice of how to see it, you have your strength of will. Choose to be strong inside, and nothing can invalidate that choice.

Though you can prudently avoid many problems, and cleverly solve many others, some things you just have to endure. And you can, when you make the commitment to yourself to be strong.

Just because life can be disappointing, doesn’t mean you have to be. Choose strength, endurance, kindness, love.


Powered by Intentio

Worry renders opportunity invisible. Don’t indulge in it.

Panic sets off a cascade of mistakes. Make the choice to never let it take hold.

Knowledge, practice and familiarity remove the fear from whatever you undertake. Cultivate them to the highest degree possible.

Every action changes something, makes some sort of difference in your world. Let your actions be powered by your intentions, not by fear or worry or panic.

You have what it takes to thrive, to advance, to prosper in any situation. What it takes is smart, well-rehearsed, intentional, courageous action.

Decide not to succumb to negative emotion. Seize the opportunity by getting yourself engaged in effective action.

Adventure awaits

Adventure awaits, nearby, right now. Can you feel it, see it, sense it in your bones?

Your purpose is eager to meet up with a worthy challenge. The challenge is out there with its adventure and its reward.

What you must do is get up and go to it. Step eagerly into the challenge and boldly pursue your purpose, for that is you at your best.

Adventure awaits, and you must go to it, go through it. The only other choice is never-ending regret.

Woven into every desire is a desire to know you matter. Take up the challenge, step into the adventure, and create the answer you seek.

Adventure awaits, and part of its reward is the chance for even greater adventures. Adventure awaits, and it is your life.


Rid yourself of painful echoes

Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was acceptable. Forgiveness means you are ready to move past it.

Keeping score just prolongs the pain. Seeking to get even, creates more pain.

Forgiveness is not about what’s right or wrong, what’s justified or what’s not. Forgiveness is about being free to focus on creating a positive, fulfilling future.

No person in your world is perfect, many are far from it, and will always be. You can choose to fight that reality, or you can learn how to live with it.

Forgiveness enables you to live well, no matter what others may do or fail to do. Forgiveness fills you with the power of peace, of clarity, of purpose.

Rid yourself of painful echoes from the past. Forgive, and turn yourself toward the beauty and possibility of now.


Live with passion

How long has it been since life stirred your heart? That’s too long.

If you’re not feeling intensely, you’re not living fully. Let passion carry you away, for passion will carry you to amazing places.

Substance matters, quality matters, excellence, awe and magnificence matter. Life is about so much more than just checking the boxes.

Bring to each moment the whole of your multifaceted self. Feel the confidence of all you are and all you know, the mystery of all that is beyond, unknown, unknowable.

Be more than a mere caricature of who you are supposed to be. Be your real, alive, enigmatic, passionate self.

Yes, be sensible, use your head. At the same time live with passion, feed your dreams, and follow your heart.


Create possibilities

Don’t be weighed down by judgments about what’s possible, impossible, practical, popular. Focus first on what’s desirable, good, fulfilling, then make it possible, make it happen.

Let go of assumptions about how talented you are at doing this or how clueless you are when doing that. Allow your heart to lead you forward, discovering new levels of skill and competence as you move through each challenge.

Work the process, always guided by the purpose. Give attention to every detail, and don’t ever let those details obscure the reason why.

Achievement is a manifestation of how much you care. Where there is meaning, purpose, genuine desire, there is energy for all the necessary effort.

Do what you do in support of all you love. Live your values, your dreams, your highest desires in the work of each moment.

Let your purpose create magnificent possibilities. Live your days bringing those possibilities to life.


Too busy

When you say you are too busy to do something, what does that really mean? It means you have given priority, for whatever reason, to something else.

If a large, speeding truck was headed right toward you, would you be too busy to get out of the way? Of course you would not be too busy to quickly jump to safety, for at that moment it would be your top priority.

Are you frustrated because you always seem to be too busy to give time and attention to those things that truly matter? That sense of frustration is attempting to tell you something.

Think for a moment about the areas of your life you value and treasure most. If you’re too busy to give time to them, then ask yourself what you’re so busy doing, and why.

It’s a great excuse to say you’re too busy. But a much better approach is to make time in your life for what’s most important.

Instead of bragging or complaining about how busy you are, consider the ways you fill your time. Make the commitment to do less of what doesn’t matter, and more of what does.