Free of worry

You’ll never run out of things to worry about. However, you can walk away, whenever you choose, from the need to worry.

To stop worrying, you don’t have to stop caring. You just have to make sure your caring doesn’t immobilize you.

When you feel worry coming on, ask yourself this. What step can you take to replace useless worry with useful action?

Life is full of potential pitfalls. But worry is never an effective response to that situation.

Rather than worry, what you can do is learn, prepare, strengthen. Work to position yourself where you can successfully deal with whatever challenges arise.

Focus your care, your concerns, your energy into action. Choose to live free of worry and full of achievement.


Feel good about you

You deserve to feel good about life now. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Imagine you’re someone else who is discussing the way you live. That imaginary other person would not be nearly so critical of your life as you are.

In fact, that other person would see plenty of good things about you. What are those good things you’re overlooking in your life because they’re so familiar?

Step back from the harsh judgments you’ve been imposing on yourself. Give yourself some breathing room, relax, and let yourself feel good, now, about you.

No, you’re not perfect, you’ve made mistakes and will continue to do so. Yet there’s a great reservoir of goodness in you.

With quiet confidence and humility, and the best of expectations, feel that goodness. Feel good about you, about the good you can do, and allow beneficial actions to flow freely from your good feeling.

Stay with now

Don’t postpone your joy while working toward or waiting for some arbitrary milestone. Delight in the process as you move through it, long before the completion.

Remember to enjoy life when you are living it, which is now. Allow yourself, your world, your experience to be enough for the moment, in the moment.

Seeking to get more later, to do something different later, will not fulfill you. When that anticipated moment arrives, you lose out on the enjoyment because you’re already yearning for the next one.

Jump free of the never-ending cycle that has you striving and striving, only so you can strive some more. Open yourself to the beauty, fulfillment, and joy that is already here, now.

What you have now, what you are now, what you do now, expresses the magnificent sum of life’s goodness. Stay with now as it carries you along, rather than trying in vain to rush ahead of it or clinging to what it once was.

All existence, all possibilities, are now. Stay with now, and live the immense value as it steadily unfolds.

Passion for the work

Stop waiting for the time to be right. Use the time you have, and make it the right time by virtue of what you do with it.

Don’t wait to be inspired before doing the work. Go ahead, do the work, and your efforts will create plenty of inspiration.

Conditions are the way they are, and you feel whatever way you feel. None of that has to stop you from doing what you must do.

The best way to feel like doing it, is to get started. Get started, keep going, and just one short hour from now you’ll have some powerful positive momentum.

You can’t expect passion to suddenly well up within you. What you can do is create passion for the work by actually doing the work.

If you’re feeling uninspired, that’s a sure sign that the best thing you can do is take action. Take action, and you’ll have the inspiration you seek.


Quantity is easy. Quality is better.

Transactions are efficient. Relationships are better.

Free is popular, enticing. Challenge, effort, paying the price, are better.

Fleeting fame is widely celebrated. Quiet, lasting achievement is better.

Being coddled is effortless. Freedom and responsibility, with all the work and messy situations they entail, are better.

The meme of the hour is trendy. Thinking, choosing for yourself, living with intention is much better.

What already is

Desire what already is. Love, be thankful for, enjoy, find fulfillment, meaning, peace and hope in what already is.

Do not cheat yourself out of life by delaying your living of it until some idealized future. Now is when you are, when everything is, when the reality of life is.

Right now you can laugh, cry, learn, work, fall down, get up, and laugh some more. Right now you can bring to life your highest hopes, strongest values, and most treasured dreams.

Yes, by all means imagine where you can go. And extend that imagining all the way to now, when you can actually do something positive about it.

You have arrived. Here is the real world, your real, miraculous life, filled with every possibility.

What already is, is infinite abundance in every direction. Embrace it, benefit from it, do great things with it, now.

Inspired by action

The work is not easy. But that is no reason to avoid it.

You’re not clear about what to do. But that is no excuse to do nothing.

What you must do is get started. What you must be is committed to seeing it through.

Begin the task, take the first step, and your effort will illuminate the next step. Stay with it, keep going, and your purpose and passion grow strong.

If you wait for inspiration, and do nothing, the inspiration has no place to take hold. Instead, get busy, and with each effort your work becomes more inspired.

Invest yourself, commit your time, your action, your focus to the progress you desire. Go ahead, do, and you’ll be inspired to do much more.